Encode high-quality MJPEG mov with RVIO?

Hi all,

I've spent a day now trying to get higher quality encoded MJPEG quicktimes using RVIO. I'm still using "rvio v.6.2.2" on Linux because of licensing, but that shouldn't really be an issue with such a simple codec like MJPEG I'm thinking. Or?
Anyway, even if I've specified high quality settings, and high bitrate I'm still getting pretty compressed files with some banding in the darks etc. I got a reference quicktime from the client that they have encoded of the same material and that's what I'm trying to match (that looks much better). My file only gets around 185Mb for an 80 sec quicktime (24 fps). The clients reference is around 1.1Gb.
If I'm running "ffmpeg -i filename.mov", it reports that my bitrate is only 18580 kb/s, while the reference movie got 109202 kb/s. I've tried all flags I can come up with and googled a lot. The problem is that there is not that much to find about how to use ffmpeg through rvio which is what actually is happening.
So far my command line looks like this:
export OCIO="/ice/shows/rf/lib/data/ocio/config.ocio";rvio -vv -rthreads 8 -wthreads 8 /ice/shows/rf/shots/110_002_100/nuke/output/comp/002/Image-Preview/temp/out.rv -o /ice/shows/rf/shots/110_002_100/nuke/output/comp/002/Image-Preview/out.mov -resize 1920 0 -codec mjpeg -outparams pix_fmt=yuvj444p vcc:b=185000000 timecode=00:00:00:1001 -outpa 1.0 -quality 1 -q -copyright "Copyright 2018 Important Looking Pirates, All Rights Reserved" -overlay frame_burn bottomright 1 1 1 1 20 20 -overlay text_burn bottomleft 1 1 1 1 20 20 "110_002_100/comp/out comp v002 dawa" -comment /ice/shows/rf/shots/110_002_100/nuke/workfiles/comp.v002.dawa.nk
Any help or pointers would be very appreciated. :)
Thank you,


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