Client Review Download Permissions

I have multiple playlists set up as client review sites. I would like some of these playlists to be downloadable for my clients, but I would like other playlists to not have these permissions.


If I check "Allow recipients to download original uploaded movies," it updates that setting for ALL of my client review sites. This is because the settings are currently based per project rather than per playlist.


I only have one project, so it causes me to have to also send the clients a Dropbox link with all the files.


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    Tostige- Aubrey -NBCUniversal- Orlando-

    I have the same issue! This feature would be a huge help for my team.

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    Janis Robertson

    I wasn't even aware that the permission change to all playlists. This seems like a huge security issue.

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi All,

    It sounds like there is some confusion regarding the permissions settings when sharing a Playlist via the Client Review Site. This is something we should improve to make more clear. Check out this article, specifically the "Settings" section near the bottom:


    You can set up default settings for the Project, but you can also modify them on a per share basis. That means you can share a single Playlist with multiple Client users and change the settings on each Share operation you do. Using this it's possible to have one set of users have the ability to download media from the Playlist, and another set to not.

    I hope that helps clear up the project vs. share scope when changing the settings.

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