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Hi all,

Can we please have shotgun breakdown the schedule into hours? It's not very helpful to set dependencies if tasks cannot be completed within 10 hours. Because of this rule, SG shoves my task dependency chain down an additional day for every task in the chain I make. 


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    Nephi Sanchez Official comment

    Hi Everyone,


    Thanks for posting your comments! 


    We have indeed had this on our radar for many years.  We don't, however, have it on the near-term roadmap, but I would love to take advantage of this post to start gathering real-life use case examples to show to our larger team & designers.  It will help get us thinking more intimately about the problem.


    So, if anyone here is game, please send me your use cases directly:  nephi@shotgunsoftware.com

    Details appreciated!!  If you have screenshots of tools/spreadsheets you use at present, or Shotgun hacks, I would love to add them to my collection.  Or if you want to jump on a screenshare and walk me through, that would be fab.




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    Jagadish Kumar

    Hi Guys,


    Is there any traction on updating the Gantt to support additional time resolutions ??



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    Drew Northcott

    +1 vote for this one as well.

    We time-log some tasks in order to try to improve our processes.

    • How long people spend on different types of feedback during asset creation, so for instance if we get a lot of time spent on sculpting feedback we know we need to put more effort into sculpt training and style guidelines. 
    • Length of time spent integrating assets  into the game engine.  If particular types of asset are taking longer we can look at tools and processes to speed that up.

    None of those tasks last longer than a few hours at most, so we end up with a bunch of report data that's in small decimals of a day. 

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