RV and ICC colour management

 A little background. We're generating 3D image stills of products as a replacement for traditional photography. The images will be used mostly for the web and print. Coming from a print/digital prepress background, I'm very familiar with using a colour-managed workflow to display and convert between different colour spaces in Photoshop using ICC profiles on calibrated monitors. Recently our company has switched software and workflows and now we're outputting EXR images from our 3D software and reviewing in RV. I'm attempting to ensure that what we see in RV is the correct colour, but from every setting I've fiddled with, it looks like RV is only showing me images with gamma compensations but not the actual colour gamuts as represented in ICC profiles like sRGB and AdobeRGB.
 For example, if I take a sRGB image in Photoshop and convert it to AdobeRGB, the images will look visually identical. The RGB values of the pixels in both images will be different, because the same colours require different values to show the same colour in different colour spaces. If I save those images as say, TIFFs and open those two images in RV, (using the sRGB setting under view) they are not visually identical. Some colours are shifted more than others according to how different the ICC profile's colour gamuts differ. It doesn't appear to respect ICC profiles that are embedded in the images and simply seems to pass the RGB values straight through the monitor. I see some references to "File ICC" under the Color menu and "Display ICC Active" under the view menu, but they are greyed out so I don't know if therein lies the answer to applying ICC profiles within RV.
 Can someone tell me what I need to do to display images with embedded ICC profiles?
 Part two of this is related in that we're using a linear workflow in 3D, outputting EXR files and loading those EXRs into RV. Photoshop can load those EXRs, but necessarily asks for a colour space to assign to define the actual colour gamut of the image. How can I do something similar in RV? For example, I would like to be able to see what the EXR looks like as an sRGB image or AdobeRGB image, and compare the colour to another sRGB image as my target (or an AdobeRGB image as my target) Simply loading the EXR into RV with the view setting to sRGB does not display an image in the more muted colour gamut of sRGB. The image looks too saturated, with colours that should be out of gamut in sRGB.
 I noticed that in the preferences there is a package called "OpenColorIO Basic Color Management." Is this what I need to be able to assign ICC profiles to images? Or is there some other workflow that will allow me to see what images look like with ICC profiles assigned to them?


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