-crop vs displayResolution

We have a very large file sequence horizontally, over 20k, just 1080 tall.

rv [ /somefile.tif -crop 0 0 1919 1079 ]

trying to crop to 1920 1080, the display resolution drops to 433 high and shows the entire image, not the crop area intended.

crop 0 0 1920 200 works, and shows the pixel per pixel image at 1:1, but we want full height, to see all pixels vertically but less width to hopefully be able to cache more of the sequence.

1:1 scaling doesn't work as the display Resolution is not the full image resolution.

Tried setting the -s scale flag to force the image bigger.

Basically how can I show a large image 1:1 with crop?

Thank you

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    Jon Morley


    1) Do you think you could share a sample file with us to illustrate the issue? Please feel free to open a private ticket if that helps

    2) What version of rv are you using on which platform?

    3) What kind of graphics card and driver version are you using?


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