Shotgun API vs Direct Database Access


I was wondering just how dangerous it is to deal with the shotgun database directly, or perhaps via a Python OPM like Peewee or SqlAlchemy, rather than going through the API. Put differently, is there a lot of high level logic in the api, with hidden but important cascading behaviors? Or is the API essentially just exposing the basic data objects that we might alternatively use a different method to do?

I'd really like to create a suite of Python Peewee OPM classes based on our Shotgun needs, but I worry about corrupting the database if I don't use the API. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Ben Zenker


    From what I've used it for, it appears that the API is simply a way to create database rows, query the database columns, and update the values in any database column.

    Not sure if that answers your question

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