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Probably a really basic question, but how do I go about to have audio play over a couple of file sequences.

Lets say I have filesequence1.####.png and filesequence2.####.png and a sound.wav.

To output the two sequences to a QT I would write:

rvio.exe filesequence1.1-100#.png filesequence2.101-200#.png -o outputfile.mov

But if I also wanted to have my sound file play over the two sequences, is that possible?



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    Jon Morley Official comment

    Hi Daniel,

    There isn't a real easy way to do that. You have at least two options that come to mind though.

    First would be to use rvSession.py found in the src directory of your RV install to programmatically create an RV session file with the structure you want and pass that off to RVIO. There is a sample python script for using the module found in the same directory called test.py.

    Second would be to make two sources each using the audio file but with one offset from the other. Something like:

    rvio.exe [ filesequence1.1-100#.png sound.wav ] [ filesequence2.101-200#.png sound.wav -ao <-101/fps> ] -o outputfile.mov

    Where "<-101/fps>" is actually the value you compute from dividing the start frame by the filesequence fps and negating the value.

    For the record I recommend the first approach. If you learn how to programmatically generate session files you are future proofing your efforts if you want to add "just one more thing" in the future.


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    Daniel Karlsson

    Hi Jon

    Thank you so much for you reply and solutions.

    I read up on the rvSession and it definitely sounded like the right way to go. 

    I had tried around with a similar solution like the second one you suggested, but I totally missed the -ao flag and was messing around with -t and -in and -out, without result.

    Thanks again!



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    Jon Morley

    Awesome! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


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