Multiple Approvals [Client Review]

We need multiple approvals.  Client approval is not a binary system.  We might have 3 different departments who need to approve it.  What we need is a list of who has approved a version and who has viewed it but not approved and who has not viewed it at all.   

Ideally this needs to be handled inside of the shot level.  So that our producers can look at a shot and see who has been sent what, who needs to be followed up with for approval and then both the producer and the client need to the capability of marking their approval status.   So if a client looks at something and then calls and says "Looks great!" a producer can mark that client as [X] Approved. 

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    Frank Rueter

    Agreed. In our case we have two clients (producer and DOP) who approve things. Once the second client hits the "approve" button the "client approved by" field replaced it's previous value with the current client user losing the info that the first client had also approved it. The notification email on approval is the only trace left which is easily lost.


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