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We're moving to using SG Desktop and I'm still confounded as to the usage of the launcher if most SG apps can't be used in the project context because there aren't enough entity types such as asset or shot or task for the apps to launch because the template paths require them. Am I incorrectly setting up tk-multiwork-files2 for the project context? My ideal situation would be an artist to be able to launch an app via SG Desktop and then choose an assigned task to them from within the host app. Is this not the intended function of SG Desktop? SG Desktop is just very confounding to me.



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    Rob Blau Official comment

    Hi Anthony,

    What you are describing, where you launch an app via Desktop, which then will start out in the context of the Project and then navigate to a workfile for a Task that you are assigned is definitely one of the workflows that is doable in Toolkit.

    The setup that you'd want would be to have tk-multi-workfiles2 installed at the project level in the engine you are running.  For example in the default configuration this line would set that up for Maya:


    From within workfiles you would then navigate to an assigned Task and then either launch a new workfile or pick up work on one that exists.  The setup for something like that in our default config (for shot work) is here:


    It you run into issues getting that flow setup, don't hesitate to let us know at support@shotgunsoftware.com and we'll see if we can help you out.

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