Log time in DCC app with Toolkit integration

We've heard feedback from clients that it would be handy to create a time log from within the DCC application so they don't need to open up Shotgun in the browser. 

Please add your support to this request if you'd like to see this developed in the future.


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    Luke Harris

    Is this to log the time spent working on a task? I'd like this to happen automatically whenever someone switches into a task's context and the session is not idle

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    Oliver Hilbert

    Our new shotgun users regularly ask about a timer or tool to log time. Another app to manage that could be helpful. If anybody knows of a tool that will without to much trouble capture simple.csv of time to convert to SG Timelogs - would love to hear about it :)

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    Mike Miller

    Would be great if there was a framework for time logs that could be used all over the place.  We've had requests to make a time log tab part of the Shotgun Panel which I think is a great idea.

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