Can Users create multi-entity fields that have mutliple valid types?


I see that the Links field on Notes is multi-entity AND accepts multiple types.

But when we, as users, create fields either through the GUI or the API, we are limited to:

  • entity that supports multiple valid types
  • multi-entity that supports a single type


So only the Shotgun Developers can make "special" fields like the Links field on Notes? Really just wanted to confirm that I am understanding this correctly?




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    Sachin Shrestha

    Same question here as well. I was trying to figure out a way to link different entity types on a multi-entity field and couldn't make it work. Is this even possible?

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    Tram Le-Jones

    Hi, Everyone!  At the moment, it isn't possible for any shotgun user (or developer) to create polymorphic field types but it's something we've discussed internally.  We don't have any updates to share right now but if we do, we'll make sure to let you guys know :)  Thanks all!

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    Just moved this post into the Feature Requests area of the forum for added visibility.

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