Add ability to annotate with more complex shapes, onion skin

Here are a few things we'd really like to see in the annotations toolbox!

  • straight lines
  • circle/ellipse
  • squares
  • arrows (at least straight line with an arrow head, also ability to create curved arrows would be nice and also any type of perspective arrow tool would be great too)
  • onion skinning to have previous frames ghosted


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    YES YES YES, oh god please YES!

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    Keith Seyer

    This would be a HUGE boost to the animation team.  Being able to animate in a 2D fashion by holding a drawing over multiple frames (in addition to onion skinning) would make a big difference in how we're able to give animation notes internally.  It's a lot more descriptive to have a series of drawings play over existing animation than just having one drawing over one frame, or worse, having to describe the action in text.

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    Alex Wilkie

    Yes, this is still a top requested feature at our studio.

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    eric leong

    BUMP! Really would be so useful to have the onion skin feature! Any updates if this is planned for a future release would be helpful.

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    Manuel Agost

    It would be great if we could also select and move shapes.

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