When linking tasks, suggest tasks from different shots


When we are linking tasks, sometimes we prefer typing in the "Downstream dependencies" field rather that selecting two tasks and using the "More - Dependencies - Link selected" menu, because we can remember the names faster than finding them in the screen. In our workflow we tend to link the same task in different shots, for example "lighting". So we know that when the lighters finish one shot can start with the next one. When I write in the field, the suggestions that Shotgun offers are only the tasks included in the same Shot in which I am writing. If we try to type a different Shot's task, it is like if it didn't exist, and offers the option to create one. We would like to be able to choose other Shots' tasks.

Thank you very much


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Juanmaria Garcia,

    That does sound like a useful feature. I think you should make sure to post this information in the Shotgun Feature Requests. This part of the site is for RV Feature Requests and I don't want the right team to miss out on your idea. Here is a link to the Shotgun Feature Requests page:



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    Juanmaria Garcia

    oops, sorry, I did it again...

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