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The submit tool is a great feature to submit work into SG from literally any production department, BUT it lacks a few critical things, so, here they are, if you please:

1) Tasks as a plain list are NOT the way the user can quickly pick the one particular he need. Quick search field and filter panel is a must to have.

2) Multiple media shouldn't be a problematic/restricted thing to upload as a dailies version. All we need here is two options to make version as: a _still image_ of a _movie clip_

The user can set any of the modes available RV (source, sequence, layout, stack), do any adjustments he need (wipes, source crop, manual layout arrangement, spacing, e.t.c.) then choose any particular frame or a range (if there is a movie clip involved) and hit [Submit] - as image or a movie depending on his needs.

This features could make the RV to be the ultimate submit/dailies tool for many of SG newbies when they don't have the SGTK set up & fully functional nor the similar dailies scripts coded yet.

Please, vote/comment if you care.


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    Francois Tarlier

    +1 on the task list. We have artist working on several project at once. Not being able to filter them per project is a huge waste of time for them. They have to scroll through thousand tasks. 

    Plus it is not configurable via ENV variable, so it is impossible to set via the pipeline context :( 

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