OCIOFileTransform node support in RV

It would be nice to have a node that mimics the functionalities of the current OCIOFileTransform node in Nuke (https://github.com/imageworks/OpenColorIO/tree/master/src/nuke/OCIOFileTransform).

In particular, this would be useful in order to be able to assign LUTs using the path of the file. This should use OCIO to load the LUTs, and therefore would support all the formats mentioned here: http://opencolorio.org/FAQ.html

The idea would be to add one of these nodes in the RVSourceGroup so that, in the event of different LUTs for different shots, this is related to the source. For example, it could replace the current RVLookLUT node or it could be added directly as part of the RVLinearizePipelineGroup.



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