Unclamped, absolute "Difference" mode for stacks

It would be nice if there were a Stack composite mode that displayed ``abs(a-b)``. Having to manage the stack order to get expected results can be annoying in a crunch.

Also, I'm not sure how useful the current clamped difference modes are to others, but I would be fine with them going away.


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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Nathan,

    Yes, we agree that a "normalized difference" would be nice, and also a "centered difference" like "0.5 + (a-b)", and even a "magnified centered difference" like "5.0 * (0.5 + (a-b))" to make small differences obvious, and etc.

    This kind of thing is mostly out of reach in RV 3, but RV 4 has a new rendering architecture whose purpose is to make this stuff easy, and RV4 is entering beta testing as we speak, so I hope that options like the above will show up soon.



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