Screen capture recording of RV Session

Hey Seth & Co.

Been busy loading up shots in RV and doing annotation note markups for studios over seas. I often find that the drawing markups although super useful lose there meaning in translation. I find the best results doing screen cap recordings (using Camtasia) with audio during my RV session and sending that quicktime over via email/shotgun ..etc. This process has been really well received and note iterations have been reduced quite a lot, by just talking and showing what you mean rather then sending single frames with text. Anyhow just an idea that could be super useful.




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    Frank Rueter

    funny you should say that. I was just about to ask for sound recording for the same exact reason. Would be awesome!!

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    Seth Rosenthal

    Hey guys,

    This is a good idea and we've discussed somewhat casually in the past (both sound recording and some kind of animation--which could be screen capture or could be recording actions in RV). I think the real question is how much would this overlap with the camtasia or similar solution? Those kinds of tools are quite refined now (screenflow, camtasia, etc.).

    In any case, given our current roadmap, I think this will remain on the back burner for a while, but we would be glad to hear more about how important it is to you guys (and other users).



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