using comp functions on stereo pairs

Hey there -

One thing I would find super useful is to be able to take my stereo footage and do an invert or a difference on one eye. Since I'm lining up the eyes and measuring pixel offsets constantly, it would really help to have a method to make the lineup more visible. In this case, I'm not viewing it in stereo, I'm just using the elements in an add/difference/difference inverted view. I suppose I could load them as a sequence and set the view, but then I couldn't switch back to stereo mode to re-check things.

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    Seth Rosenthal

    Hey John,

    Yes, we completely agree. This kind of stuff is on our roadmap. It fits in with some other tools we want to make to split or merge stereo sources.

    BTW, Tweak is all coming to Paris in July to visit you at Mac Guff (Jim, Alan and me). We'll be there July 3-11. So we can discuss this and any other feature requests you have. Hows that for forum support!



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