networking using range boundaries (or ui string name)?

Hey there -

I use rv to compare sequences that put together strings of movies. To look at the individual shots, I'll use control->arrow left or right to quickly hop from shot to shot.

It would be great if networking could look at the range boundaries to know which shot I'm looking at, and restart it's sync from the frame number of the boundary. The reason being, I often have 2 sequences, one from an old rv session and another from a new session, and I'll use networking to compare the differences between the old and new sequences. Unfortunately, timing changes are often part of the differences, so if a shot was longer or shorter before my sync frame, the shots I want to compare will be out of sync. I'm wanting to keep those shots in sync to easily compare shot to shot.This would also help me know which shots changed timing!

Of course, if the shot order changed, this isn't going to help (unless you synced the ui string name? hmmn - that's an even better idea...)



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    Alan Trombla

    Hi John,

    Unfortunately I think the base response on this is 'no' ;-)

    The issue is that sync becomes very fragile when the sessions do not have exactly matching structures.  Trying to support sync with sessions that are only 'similar' strikes me as a giant can of worms (and mutant, man-eating worms at that!), so we'd prefer not to encourage it.

    With that said, sessions that have the same set of sources (in the same order) should be comparable with sync even if the sources have different frame ranges.   The key is that you should compare the sources individually instead of within the default sequence group view.  To be concrete, you should go from shot to shot by double-clicking in the session manager instead of control-clicking in the sequence.  You can also double-click on the image in the sequence to 'drill-down' to the source.  And you can 'shift-left-arrow' to go back once you have drilled down.

    Does that help ?

    We'll keep thinking about ways that we could better support syncing 'similar' sessions.


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