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Currently, if I have RV open with footage in it, and I drag a new source onto the already open RV window, the options are:

Add Source to Session

Add as Layer


Please add a new option:

Replace with New Session


This option is needed when checking many render layers in a hurry.  You don't want to have to close RV and open it for each render layer to be checked.  You also don't want to have to navigate to the location of a render layer in a dialog box.  You need to be able to keep dragging new render layers onto RV and have RV open the new render layer, discarding the previous render layer.  I often have 30 or more render layers to check in this manner and I am usually in a big hurry to get through them all before handing them off to the comper.



Fred Lewis


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    Frank Rueter

    that would be nice indeed.

    In general it would be nice to have a flexible drop target that can pass the dropped data onto a custom script (no, not mu, python :) ). That script would then parse the incoming path in whatever way and build a session. 

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