rvio -overlay text mode

Hey there - it would be swell to add to the -overlay function a 'text' mode so we could add arbitrary text.
Something like: %s %d %d [%d] [%d] % (textString, opacity, pixelsize, xPos, yPos) ?
We need something replace how we do burnins from editorial. Currently, we need to use a node locked version of shake. Not so good. It tried using -overlay bug but we'd have to generate an image and it's not so easy to place the text exactly.


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    drew rosen

    we are looking at customizing the frameburn.mu and watermark.mu to solve these issues.

    particularly for stereo delivery this seems tricky.



    any one got a smart way to update those plugins?

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    Marc Dubrois

    I made a script that could be helpful for you.
    You can find it here http://marc.dubrois.free.fr/?p=280

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