Convert display gamma control to a virtual slider

It would be handy (and consistent) if the display gamma's "custom" entry mode were made into a virtual slider to match the source gamma entry mode.



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    Jon Morley

    Hi Nathan,

    Source Gamma is intended as an artistic control per source whereas Display Gamma is a type-in to match your device. It is not meant to be a qualitatively controlled value. If you would like to use it that way please consider adding the contents of the attached (linked below) dotrvrc.mu file to the ".rvrc.mu" file in your home directory. If you do not already have one then please rename the file below to ".rvrc.mu" and place it in your home directory.



    File now attached at top in original post.

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    Nathan Rusch

    Thanks Jon, that makes sense to me. Part of me still feels like it's one of those things that could go either way though... the manual-entry-only feels a little like saying "Custom, but not *too* custom". It's certainly not that big of a deal though.

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