RV Daemon Process

This is a parallel feature request to a support ticket I filed for some discussion. I figured I should put this out there as well to gauge the interest level from other users.
It would be great if there was an RV "daemon" process (call it 'rvd') that could be started that would do things like compile/load the appropriate Mu and Python modules, activate custom modes, and basically set up the environment that WOULD be present in a normal window session, without actually creating one. Then, when someone ran 'rv' (maybe with a special flag), instead of spawning a new process instance, it would simply tell the daemon to create a new session window (similar to what the newSession() command does currently). To the user, it would look like a fresh copy of RV, but would launch much more quickly.
There would also be flags for 'rvd' to do things like shutdown, restart, and query the daemon process. Bonuses would be 1) preventing it from eating a license until someone actually created a session window, and 2) having some kind of a tray representation that users could interact with directly (though the last one is probably a stretch as far as multi-platform support is concerned).


If anyone has any thoughts or ideas in this direction, I'd love to hear them.


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    Chad Dombrova

    with many customizations startup time is definitely an issue.  instead of a daemon, would it be possible to add a flag the 'rv' bin to notify an existing RV to spawn a new session if one already exists?  perhaps via a message over a socket?


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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Nathan, Chad,

    An RV daemon is something we've thought about a lot (it's a pet idea of mine actually).  Unfortunately it's a lot trickier than it sounds, so I don't think it's likely to get done in the very near future.  RVPUSH provides some functionality in this direction, though obviously not "seamlessly" as you point out Nathan.   In particular, Chad, a suitable wrapper could pass a new command line as a URL to rvpush, which would either start a new session or replace any existing session according to the "Handle URLs in Current Session" preference (or the "-reuse" command-line flag).  Scripts to set up rvlink: URL handlers this way on linux/windows are distributed with RV as of 3.12.15.

    We'll keep thinking about it, and I encourage anyone reading this who thinks it's important to add a comment (or hit the thumbs up button), to give us a better idea of the feelings of the community as a whole.



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