Allow on-the-fly addition of layers/channels to RVImageSource nodes

Currently, when an RVImageSource node is created using newImageSource(), its layers, views, and channel count are all defined at "birth," and as a consequence, all layers must share the same number of channels.

It would be great if these nodes didn't have hardcoded layers/channel counts, and instead, layers could be added to the node later (either via an implied "create-if-not-existing" clause in newImageSourcePixels(), or explicitly, using some new command).

Also, and more importantly, it would be great if layers with differing channel counts could exist within the same image source, so when a layer was added, its channel count was also passed. Bonus points would be for the ability to dynamically add or remove channels from a layer after it had been created.



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    Nicholas Yue

    Any update on the above feature request given that RV 4.0 has been out.


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    Jon Morley

    At present this is still the state of the RVImageSource

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