Cache limit / auto cache based on host memory?


Something that has caught me out a few times is if I forget to change the Look Ahead cache when moving between workstations.

E.g. We have shared stereo playback machines with 24Gig RAM for artists to jump on to review work. I have viewed sequences on these, then gone back to a regular workstation with 12Gig RAM and forgotten to decrease the cache size. If I open a new image sequence RV will cache past 12Gig, go into swap and if you not quick enough the machine will slow to a crawl and sometimes lock up comletely due to lack of free memory.

Could there be a limit imposed on the cache just in case the user has forgotten to change the setting, or some kind of intelligent cache which can be set to use a certain percentage of free memory? I can see this catching out artists who may not be so au fait with caching and memory limits.

An intelligent cache limit could help the other way round with the above scenario. E.g. I don't think all our artists realise the stereo workstations have extra RAM, and they will just launch RV with the 8Gig or 12G setting for their workstation. If they could leave the cache set to auto and let RV work it out, it would make best use of the RAM available.

Just a thought!




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