RV Slates

I would like the ability to generate a slate, bug, leader, frameburn and blackframe within RV not just RVIO, attach them to the footage loaded then export from RV a movie with those new items burnt into the footage.  Currently I am generating an RV session through some automation to generate the necessary components and it would be nice to have a solution that could do this on the fly in RV for our producers to use to deliver a single or multiple shots to a client.


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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Mike,

    Yeah, we think this'd be nice too, but in the past we haven't had and easy way to build these bits of GUI.  I think we do now, so this should be coming soon (hope fully in the next release, which should be in beta in a couple of months).  In the first pass, this gui would just expose all the current features in the default -leader/-overlay rvio options; do you think that'll be enough to get some producers using it ?



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