rvio - rename exr channels while preserving compression / header info

Hey folks,

I'm trying to use rvio to rename the RGB channels in an exr to some artibrary name.  I have that working with this command:

rvio in.exr -inchannelmap R G B -outchannelmap x y z -o out.exr

This works, however the compression is different (in.exr was zip, out.exr is piz), and all of the header from in.exr is lost.  Is there a way to change channel names but preserve compression and metadata?




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    Jon Morley

    Hi Dan,

    I have not used this feature much myself but in the "rvio_hw -help" you will see:

    "Passthrough syntax:   -outparams passthrough=REGEX"

    I think you might be able to add "-outparams passthrough=.*" to your command to copy all metadata.

    Also in the "rvio_hw -formats" you will see:

    "format "exr" - OpenEXR Image (Read, Write)
       image codecs:
          PIZ (piz-based wavelet compression)
          ZIP (zlib compression, in blocks of 16 scan lines)
          ZIPS (zlib compression, one scan line at a time)
          RLE (run length encoding)
          PXR24 (lossy 24-bit float compression)
          B44 (lossy 4-by-4 pixel block compression, fixed compression rate)
          B44A (lossy 4-by-4 pixel block compression, flat fields are comressed more)
          DWAA (lossy DCT based compression, in blocks of 32 scanlines)
          DWAB (lossy DCT based compression, in blocks of 256 scanlines)
          NONE (uncompressed)"

    I think you simply need to add "-codec ZIP".

    Please let me know if that works for you.


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    Daniel Flood

    Hey Jon,

    Thanks for the reply, the codec flag works as described, however -outparams passthrough=.* doesn't copy any metadata for me.  I'll try using regex patterns and see how I fare.  




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