rvpkg install on a Mac - subdirectories not working?


I'm porting an rvpkg of ours from Linux to Mac. The PACKAGE file references files in subdirectories:

  - file: misc/icon.png
  - location: SupportFiles/MyPackage

On Linux this works perfectly, and the file is installed to SupportFiles/MyPackage/misc/icon.png. The Mac version of RV will install the package without complaints, but ignore any file that is either being referenced from or installed to a subdirectory. One exception is when installing a file from the package root to SupportFiles/$PACKAGE, though this is not really feasible with our current pipeline. Subdirectories of SupportFiles/$PACKAGE will not work either. 

Am I missing something here? Does the Mac client require a different syntax for file paths? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Michael,

    There is no intent to support levels of hierarchy in the "file" tag.  As you see in the docs here, it's expected to be a simple file name, not a partial path:


    The RV Packages contents are expected to be a flat list of files with no subdirectories.  In general the files will be distributed into the standard sub-directories according to type (py files in the "Python" subdirectory, etc).   The reason for the "location" tag you're using is to override that "by type" decision (for example if you want to store py files in the "SupportFiles" subdir.

    So I'm sorry to say that the behavior you're taking advantage of on Linux is accidental, so not at all surprising that it doesn't work on Mac.  And in general probably not a good idea to rely on it even on linux, since it's unintended.

    Hope that clarifies, at least,


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