OCIO integration

Hi guys,
I know you have been tinkering with RV's standard OCIO implementation lately and heard that this has came to an end
Is it already integrated into the latest RV release?

I would love to know a bit more about that updated OCIO package.

- Does this only work in the latest and greatest RV release or is it downwards compatible?
- It seems not to work with every OCIO config around and behaves a bit different compared to f.e. Nukes integration:

  • -What are the differences?
  • -What are the dependencies (use of looks instead of displays per source, right). What else?
  • -Is there a sample configuraiton that shows how it works

- Which file(s) need to be edited to fit it into an existing pipeline:

  • -Getting OCIO from source filenames (or metadata)?

Is there an existing documentation that answers (some of) my questions?

Would love to hear from you.


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    Tobias Pfeiffer


    can you point me to any kind of documentation that will assist me in setting up an OCIO config that handles per source color transformations in RV.

    The documentation is really short on this.

    Does this ticket represent the latest and greatest info on that topic?




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