Adding Menu Items


is it possible to add MenuItems to already existing Menus, but in a specific place in that menu?

i'm trying to add another entry under Color - File to Linear Conversion (right underneath Rec 709).

i know i can add a MenuItem to an existing Menu, but i'd like to force it into place.




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    Jim Hourihan

    Hi Bernhard, right now you can't add them in a specific place. But this is something we have on our list and its a bit annoying to us too. So I'm guessing it will show up in the near future.


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    Nico Dufort


    I wanted to follow up on this, as perhaps this has been addressed since this thread was last answered: besides going through rvui, do I have a way to specify the position of the menu item my package would add to a given menu?

    Thanks. nico

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    Jon Morley

    Hi Nico,

    At this time there is no way to insert items into the existing menus. If you create your own top level menu with a package you can always clear it and rebuild it with two consecutive calls to commands.defineModeMenu. Here are the docs for that method from the Mu Commands API Browser:

    Path: commands.defineModeMenu

    defineModeMenu (void; 
                    string mode,
                    MenuItem[] menu)


    Define the menu structure associated with the mode. The menu is automatically merged into the main menu when the mode is active. When the mode is inactive the menu is not part of the main menu.


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