Using Over as well as Sequence

I have a situation where I have a series of file-sets as well as a single quicktime movie providing the current edit.

I would like to generate a playlist using an edl.  That's step one, which is not really what this question is about.  But assume I have this created. 

Now when I am on a particular shot, I would like to be able to load another version of that shot into the back buffer, while still maintaining the sequence cut.

In my case I would ideally like to be able to right click on the shot and the navigate through a pull-down menu which I have created to access shotgun (or some other database) and provide a list of other available versions.


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    Jon Morley


    I am not sure if you have seen it yet, but I think it would be a good idea to take a look at the versioning prototype package:




    It is included with all recent versions RV. You can play around with it after enabling it from Packages tab of RV's preferences.


    I realize it is not exactly what you described, but many of the underlying API calls it uses will be relevant for your work. Please take a look at that first and then see where we should explore next.




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