Animating RVStereoSource.stereo.relativeOffset

Hi guys, 

We've got a bunch of shots that specify different stereo offsets at the start and end of the sequence. For example, 1.7% at the beginning and 2.5% at the end. Between, the offset should be linearly interpolated.

I couldn't see any built-in way to keyframe properties in RV, so I tried hooking the frame-change event and updating the property there. It works, however it appears that the view doesn't update in realtime as expected. The value changes smoothly, but the display seems to stick on an offset for a few frames, then jump ahead, then stick again, etc, in an interesting, but unfortunately eye-hurting way. Am I doing it wrong? Should I just not do it at all? Or is there a way to flush the property so the display updates in realtime?




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    Jon Morley

    Hi Mark,

    Short Answer: We don't support animated properties at the moment.

    Adventurer's Answer: Try using the "pre-render" event. From the events table:


    The problem with using the "frame-changed" event is that it may get called more than once per frame and it definitely gets called after the frame has already been rendered. Therefore using that event will always be too late. If you instead use the "pre-render" event and keep track of what the last frame was you saw rendered and compare it to the current frame() about to be rendered then you can set "#RVStereoSource.stereo.relativeOffset" to the mid range value.

    How does that sound? If you decide to pursue this please let me know if there is anything I can clarify further.


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