Start SG Desktop on system startup or login

Originally from ticket #61295.

Hey SG,

Got a feature request to have a [Start SG Desktop on system startup or login] under the prefs of SG Desktop. Sorta like the Dropbox, General Preferences.



P.S. I'm aware that this can be done in the [ Startup Applications at Startup or Login ] areas in User System Prefs on different platforms but it just makes it that much easier for say, a remote artist to have this turned on by default. I think it would eliminate issues of an artist going directly into their web browser and trying to click on a task to run nuke, maya, etc... and getting a SGTK error [Toolkit: No browser integration available ...] because they forgot to run [SG Desktop] first. This is if the remote artist doesn't have the standalone websocket server running.


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    Thanks Dan, good idea. We'll look into it!

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