Flame Export / Shot Metadata hook


In the tk-flame-export app, would it be possible to make the shot update code a hook that gets the cut info passed in?

When importing shots through Flame, we get the cut information into Shotgun straight from Flame's timeline. 

While it's awesome to have this information in Shotgun, with timelines often starting on a full hour, this gives us In/Out points that are not very usable in the rest of the pipeline. Having your Maya/Nuke timeline starting at frame 108123 is just not as nice as having it start at e.g. 1001. With a custom hook, we could for example add work timings based on the cut timings...


Sebastian H


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    Manne Öhrström

    This is great idea! We were going back and forth on how to handle this offset - it seems to be there in some cases (when you start a conform from scratch) and in some cases not (if you import an edl) so there is no consistent behaviour. A hook sounds like a great way to handle this, giving advanced studios the ability to take control of the translation of these values. I will log a ticket on our end - i'll ping this thread once it's been released!

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    Fabian Dittrich

    Ah cool, that's awesome! 

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