template_from_path() scoped to current project

We noticed that template_from_path() is enforcing the project key to match the project of the sgtk instance that is running. We would expect it to match any project. Is this intentional or a bug? Could we have a method of overriding this behavior without editing the core?

For context, we are looking to display entries in the scene breakdown from another project, but template_from_path returns None.


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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Greg!

    Apologies for not replying sooner!

    Unfortunately, almost everything in toolkit is scoped per project. One of the fairly built-in concepts in toolkit is the fact that each project is more or less independent. The idea here being that we want to be as flexible as possible when it comes to project evolution - allow things to change over time in a studio in a way that is safe and natural. A new project which is initiated is using the latest versions of apps, engines etc and may be trying out some new template settings while at the same time a project that is wrapping and shipping is frozen with no configuration changes taking place as it is going through a critical phase.

    Hope the explanation makes sense!

    We are working on making sharing of information between projects a lot simpler and easier - we have found that sometimes projects can be a bit too separate, making project maintenance overly complicated and hard.

    As for the ability control items from other projects in the breakdown - that sounds very relevant and I'll make a dev ticket on our end. The breakdown app is very old by now and in need to a bit of v2 effort. This would include looking at publishes in Shotgun and use those to figure out what has changed - publishes would be a way to effortlessly query across projects. But currently the breakdown is all based around templates.


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    Greg Ruane

    Thanks for the explanation Manne. That makes sense. Goods news to hear about the project changes, that sounds like something we could utilize.

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