I/O: Plate ingestion and Deliveries


I'm just starting to play around with the toolkit stuff, and so far I think it's pretty cool what you guys are doing.

Two topics that I think would be great as a standard toolkit app in a VFX pipeline:


Plate Ingestion:

I found a thread from 2013 which talks about publishing plates from Hiero, which is great. However in pipelines I'm used to we'd normally receive plates (in form of dpx or exr sequences) from a client/DI house. Usually a coordinator then publishes those plates to the asset management system.

So it would be great if there was an app in toolkit that can be launched straight from shotgun (or command line?), without having to open a separate app (Hiero, Nuke etc, basically apps that are beyond a coordinators know-how), which allows you to publish plates to Tank. There is definitely a lot of studio specific configs, but a base app for this would be fantastic!



same with Deliveries. a base app, again launchable from within Shotgun, which can handle deliveries would be great. This one probably has even more per studio (and per project) configs, but a basic framework would be sweet!


I'm just thinking that this would kinda complete the whole roundtrip within toolkit.




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    Rob Blau

    Hi Bernie,

    Both of those are definitely important pieces of a pipeline and we have started work on both of them.

    The stand alone publish is in pretty early design right now, but it is one that is high on our list.  Now is a great time for us to hear what you'd like in an app like this.  Any particulars that you'd like to ask for?

    We are quite a bit further with the delivery app.  As part of our collaboration with studios we have a delivery create/ingest workflow that is being used by some movies and their corresponding VFX vendors.  We are working through the details of the workflow project by project with the goal of making these apps available to the public at large.  There is still some development to be done on them, and work to do to make them fit for general consumption, but that is our plan.

    If there is enough interest in these two workflows, I'll see if we can pull together a webinar where we talk about our plans and get everybody's feedback.

    Add comments to this post if you have input on either of these things or want more details!

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    Tony Hudson

    Hey Rob, I'm very much interested in integrating plate ingestion into Shotgun workflow. I have a one man operation and am looking for anything that can improve my workflow.

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    Rob, We are very interested in this type of pipeline/workflow.  We are a small studio that could use as many efficient tools as we can get our hands on.  Thanks!

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    Abraham Levi Borbujo Carrasco
    I've made a script severas months ago for manual publish plates/renders. It would be great to know when can we have ready any official solution with gui integrated in desktop.
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