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I was looking into a way to register plates to shotgun through Hiero that have been conformed already (Let's say through Scratch or Smoke). Would be great if the Copy Exporter could be used, maybe even with the option to bypass any copying and just registering/publishing plates. Any thoughts?


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    Hey Michael,

    We've created an internal feature ticket for CopyExporter support (25036) and will see if we can get something out for testing soon.

    As for bypassing the copying part... Toolkit makes it really easy to manage putting stuff in the right place according to your schema setup. Would you then manually be putting stuff in the expected location in your schema? Or would you expect the Hiero export to move the files rather than copy them? Not sure what we might do for this particular case but curious what you'd ideally want and expect.

    Would love to hear additional thoughts from anyone else who'd want support for the CopyExporter and/or in-place publishing as well. 


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    Michael Wortmann

    Yes, I'd place conformed files in the schema and would only use Hiero for publishing (but taking advantage of all the nice stuff that I get e.g. frame ranges from edls, thumbnails, sequence/shot/task creation and so on). Exchanging moving for copying is probably one way to to it and should probably perform well.

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    David van Heeswijk
    Hey Guys,

    I would like to chime in here, since this is something we've been investigating too.
    We use Hiero a lot, but we always receive our plates from one of our Scratch systems.
    So we are looking for a quick way to ingest those via Hiero. Just a simple Publish command to put them in Assets or something like that would be awesome. No need to even put them in a timeline. Just select them in a bin and Publish from there. So there need to be a meganism to link them to shots so our artists can pick them up a loader and even update them with the scene breakdown app from withon Nuke.

    Just my 2 cents!

    David van Heeswijk
    VFX Supervisor
    Storm Post Amsterdam
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    Thanks David. Yeah I think all of the use cases are valid. But I think there's a bigger picture here. It should be easier to just get your existing media into Toolkit without having to jump through hoops by using Hiero, etc.

    To summarize (for anyone else who comes across this thread), as it stands now, there are two main routes:

    1. Hiero integration. If you already use Hiero, you can leverage its process/export setups combined with our app(s) to push content out as Published Files that can then be used with other stuff like our Nuke integration:


    2. Write a quick API script. There is a register_publish() function that can be used to create new PublishedFile records given a path and Shotgun linkage metadata:


    What we really want and need is an easy standalone publish tool that you can drag/drop stuff into and push out as Published Files. That's coming soon! Hopefully we'll have some UI designs to show the community soon so we can get it through implementation!

    So, we know there's a need for this one. Stay tuned. 

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