Extending the Hiero export app

I've extended our local tk-hiero-export app to support customizable export token resolution.

So you can use the tk-hiero-export config yml file to specify a list of additional tokens you want to be able to use in Hiero export templates and a hook which gets called to resolve each of these tokens.

E.g.: if you specify

custom_resolve_strings: [sg_sequence, sg_scene, sg_shot_no]

you could then use something like


in your export template and the hook will get called for each token with the Hiero task and the keyword.

I think this would be generaly useful as a feature (and, IMHO, a better way to also handle {tk_version}). I'm just not sure how I should send this as a suggestion, do I create a patch file, or should I send you a pull request on github, something else entirely?


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    Rob Blau

    Hey there Sebastian, it would be awesome if you could send it along as a pull request on the github repo, we love those!
    Sounds like a pretty cool addition.

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    Rob Blau

    And to make sure that anybody following this thread knows, Sebastian did put together a pull request for the tk-hiero-export app which we just released in v0.1.15.  Thanks Sebastian!

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