tk-multi-publish and additional templates

Hey guys,

I have a few template strings that I use in my scan/pre-publish hooks to search for specific item names in the scene or alternate publish paths

and I'm manually checking in the scan hook if they are available in the config and raising an error if not.

What about having an entry in the publish config to add other templates than the primary and secondary publish templates? Those will be checked when starting the app and the app won't show up in the menu if something is missing.

Is there someone else doing/needing that or am I doing something wrong with my templates?



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    Alan Dann

    Hi Julien,

    I answered this in the Multi-Publish post but I'll copy it here as well as these forums are easier to navigate!


    You're not doing anything wrong and this is indeed a missing piece of the puzzle!  I agree that it would be great to be able to specify the templates that are used in the hooks (outside of the ones in the configuration) so that they can be validated at startup of the app/engine/etc.

    This could be part of the configuration but I'm also thinking that maybe this could be part of the hook - so you'd have a Hook base method called register_template(...) or something.  That way it would be in one place...

    I'll add this to the list to be discussed internally and add a feature ticket if the others agree.

    Out of curiosity, is not having this causing you problems or is it just a nice-to-have to help avoid future problems?



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