Rhino Engine

An engine for Rhino is something that has come up in discussion with clients and beta testers. Is this something that would be interesting to you? Let us know your thoughts by adding comments or dialogue to this post (you need to be signed in to do that!) - or simply subscribe to this forum if you want to get updates whenever we or someone else posts here!


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    rupert thorpe

    we would be interested in this.

    Rhino 5 comes with python, so I'm guessing it would not be too difficult to implement...

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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Rupert! That is great news! There seems to be a whole little community evolving over at http://python.rhino3d.com

    For an engine, we ideally need both QT and python. if either of these are missing, the usual solution is to run a separate process that has a connection to a listener inside of the target application. This is how photoshop works for example. We need to investigate if it would be possible to run QT inside of Rhino3d - if not, the best approach is probably to run a separate process, like with Photoshop. In either case, having python built into Rhino will make things a lot simpler I think so this is great news!

    Did you experiment with Rhino and Tank at all Rupert? Did you manage to get an experimental engine going already?

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