Mocha Engine

An engine for Mocha is something that has come up in discussion with clients and beta testers. Is this something that would be interesting to you? Let us know your thoughts by adding comments or dialogue to this post (you need to be signed in to do that!) - or simply subscribe to this forum if you want to get updates whenever we or someone else posts here!


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    Rob Blau Official comment

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the link to the new Python API.

    We haven't made any progress on a Mocha Engine, but we are keeping track of interest in it.  One thing about an engine is that it unlocks the potential to use the suite of Toolkit apps, but without some specific workflow pieces it would be just potential.  What kind of publishes or other tools would you be looking for with the engine?

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    Peter Daly

    Hi Manne,

    Just came across this post on a search.

    MochaPro v5 has just been released with an updated API. Have you guys made any progress on the mochapro engine since?




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