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An engine for RV is something that has come up in discussion with clients and beta testers. Is this something that would be interesting to you? Let us know your thoughts by adding comments or dialogue to this post (you need to be signed in to do that!) - or simply subscribe to this forum if you want to get updates whenever we or someone else posts here!


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    Manne Öhrström

    We would also love to hear your ideas about what sort of Apps could be cool to run in RV - LUT switching? Some sort of slap comp generator? Presets for quicktime generation? RV has excellent python integration so writing an engine wouldn't be that hard, but we are still looking for the RV "killer tank app"!

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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Neil!

    Thanks for getting the discussion going on some possible apps for the RV engine!

    Your first two examples definitely jump out to us as well.  Treating the CDLs/Grades and LUTs as publishes make a lot of sense, and it feels like there is an opportunity for Tank to help connect other related engines as part of this workflow - for example, someone could set up grade in Nuke and then publish it out as a CDL that would then be picked up by RV.  LUTs would likely be project-level publishes, as you say, but I've also seen scenarios that to a certain degree merge the grades and the LUT workflows, leading to a need for hierarchical loading of (look) LUTs.  The case that jumps out there is when a client (i.e. DP and/or Director) do pre-turnover grading, but a studio (and perhaps the DI house as well) wants to work in a consistent "raw/ungraded" space.  However, for reviews, the client will want to see the grades on.  Depending on your approach, this may want to be a (look) LUT rather than a CDL.  It feels like both would ideally be doable in a Tank workflow like this.

    A few other cases that spring to mind off the top of my head:

    • Render QA + publish app (leveraging RV's ability to let you see your images!).

    • Interactive render catalog app, where test renders can be saved via a template to a consistent spot, and the history can be browsed through RV (and content from this history can potentially be submitted for review).

    • App to playblast into RV + Screening Room, so artists could potentially watch a shot within the context of other submitted content but not necessarily have to officially submit their work (i.e. check it out as they work, then keep working since it might not be ready for review yet).  I know some additional work would be needed on the Screening Room side to give us the ability to make this work, but it would definitely be cool to have.

    So many possibilities!  :)


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    Mickey Mouse

    - Applying CDL's / Grades
    ---> Currently our workflow polls shotgun for a custom entity tied to shots / plates and then uses #RVColor.CDL to apply.  Possibly treat CDLs / Grades as assets that can be updated / published?

    - Applying Show LUTs.
    ---> Right now we configure this outside of Shotgun, but if there were somewhere standard in shotgun (at the project level?) to store paths to these it'd be ideal.

    - Comparing current frames / quicktime to client plates.
    ----> Tiled or overlay

    - Custom Mattes
    ---> Having RV aware of what size matte it should be using either at a show level or based on the dimensions of the source frames would be useful.
    ---> Would also be interesting to be able to easily configure for odd mattes like "Common Top Crop"

    - Slap Comps
    ---> Combining 3D render elements & their associated plates on the fly for review would pretty cool.

    Tying each of these into appropriate RV hot keys would be useful as well. 

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    Marijn Eken

    In my opinion, the suggestion by Ryan to create a Publish App for RV, is in fact the killer app. I don't know how other studios doe this currently with Shotgun, but in my opinion, this is a big omission and I'm looking for solutions right now. For instance, there's no way to publish image files from Maya, apart from integrating with Deadline for instance, which can auto-publish after a render. But that's not what I want, and I don't think anyone wants, because you want to take a look at your renders first, before deciding if they're good enough for publishing. And right now I don't see any way of doing that with the current state of Shotgun Toolkit.
    And since Manne stated that it wouldn't be too hard to create, I'm waiting in anticipation! :)

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    Dan Walker

    Hi Marijn,

    I posted this a while back on the forum. In regards to your comment on [ you want to take a look at your render first ], you actually can do that after a render has completed which puts the responsibility in the artists hands to "check their work" before submitting a Publish. All in all, making the Publish of an image sequence, movie, etc.. easier in some apps would be a huge win for all. I also noticed that Jeff B and Josh T have mentioned publishing in their [2 guys and a toolkit] segment.

    Draw back to this method, is that it would only work for folks using Deadline!

    Here's what I posted a while back......

    So, here's the scenario/idea.....

    • Submit to Deadline via application [e.g. Nuke].

    • In the Submit to Deadline UI, choose [Shotgun/Draft], [Connect to Shotgun... / Submit Shotgun Info With Job].  Fill in your [Job Options] as usual. Hit OK.

    • Job is now rendering on the farm.

    • Upon completion, the Version is created in Shotgun for that particular shot/task with the following:

      • Version Name of Nuke script

      • Path to Frames of the rendered output

    • In Deadline Monitor, you will monitor your job and upon completion, the artist can review their render via Deadline Monitor's [Image Viewer] by double clicking on one of the frame ranges under the [Tasks] tab. Our setup uses RV as our default [Image Viewer] and the entire image sequence is loaded in RV for review.

    • If all looks good after review, you can right click on the jobID in Deadline Monitor and select [CreateShotgunPublish] from [Deadline Monitor->Scripts->CreateShotgunPublish]. This will open a [CreateShotgunPublish] UI, that will look similar to the [Shotgun: Publish] UI in an application like Nuke --> See attached image [ShotgunPublish_Nuke_UI.png] or similar to the [Deadline Monitor->Scripts->CreateShotgunVersion] UI --> See attached image [ShotgunSettingsAPI.png], that could have a few extra radio buttons that give you the option of things you'd like to have published or created [as mentioned below].

    • In the [CreateShotgunPublish] UI, you have the option to select whatever items you would like to publish and secondary items you'd like to create. A thumbnail of your selected version will be based on the middle frame of the shot. Options would be:

      • [x] Publish Renders and Scene file

      • [x] Create quicktime and send to Screening Room

      • [x] Create client quicktime [lut, cdl, burn-ins]

      • [x] Create client DPX and or quicktime output [renumbers and renames rendered output based on client specs]

      • [  ] etc....

    • There are other things to consider, like how do you publish a scene file, if the scene file was submitted with the job as an Auxiliary file and probably a multitude of other things I'm not mentioning here.

    • BUT, using this method as a one stop shop for reviewing, publishing [Renders, Scene files] and for Quicktime creation and not tying up your interactive application session, would be great.
    • As far as I can tell, this method is only beneficial to anything that can be submitted to the farm and outputs a product like [e.g. renders, quicktimes]. 


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