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A Toolkit engine for Unity is something that has come up in discussion with clients and beta testers.  Is this something that would be interesting to you? Let us know your thoughts by adding comments or dialogue to this post (you'll need to be signed in to do that!) - or simply subscribe to this forum if you want to get updates whenever we or someone else posts here!


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    Tamimi Tamby

    Hi Ryan,

    I just started my Shotgun evaluation recently for games development. To have Unity as part of the Toolkit Engine is definitely something I would be very interested in. Is there any plan to add this part of the Toolkit Engine soon? Apart from using it with Perforce and existing artists tool, is there any way we could further utilize Shotgun for games development pipeline? Particularly with Unity as we are working on Unity projects.


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    Simon Kratz

    We just found out about Shotgun and it sounds really powerful and worth an investment. We're a small game dev studio of 10 people and thought about adding it to our workflow and exchange pipeline inside the team and between clients. We're working with Unity though and a proper bridge between the tools is really quite an interesting feature for us.

    Since this topic is half a year old, are you still thinking about adding direct Unity support? We'd really appreciate it :)

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    Brighton Gardiner

    I'm actively trying to come up with a way to control Unity from Shotgun, and it has been a real nightmare.

    We have 3 game projects that are live, we want to centralize our Art team on Shotgun, and Unity Integration would be the killer feature for us.

    We want to setup a connection between Prefabs and Shotgun, so that we can load an associated Prefab into Unity from the Shotgun Site. This would be very helpful for reviews. We're currently looking into implementing this through listening ports & guids, but that's a very tedious process. It could be as simple as "Click a field in Shotgun, Currently open Unity instantiates the prefab by path or guid into the current scene"

    It would be nice if we could populate Shotgun Fields from Prefab/Script settings, perhaps done through decorators in C#. This would give us a helpful overview of prefab values. And it would pretty powerful to set values on a prefab from shotgun.

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