Clarisse Engine

An engine for Clarisse is something that has come up in discussion with clients and beta testers. Is this something that would be interesting to you? Let us know your thoughts by adding comments or dialogue to this post (you need to be signed in to do that!) - or simply subscribe to this forum if you want to get updates whenever we or someone else posts here!


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    Patrick Macdonald

    I haven't much experience with Clarisse, but we are considering it at the moment for lookdev/lighting. Has there been any progress in writing a clarisse engine yet? 


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    Oliver Hilbert

    Yes please!

    Clarisse really makes some many things much more straightforward - and would really love for even some basic Shotgun integration of launching, and primarily publishing to start. I think the way Clarisse is built this should be straightforward to do.

    My dev skills are not strong enough to know what's involved in making an app - and it would be great to know what sort of task this would be to undertake should a new studio have a go.

    Any beta testers needed - sign us up! Anything to help get this added to shotgun.


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