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Hi Guys

Just wanted to say thank to your tech team in helping us configuring shotgun for the annual school production. We were really happy that we gave our students an industry quality experience where they had to deal with a professional project management system. The toolkits intergration were a real time savers for everyone.

Once we are done with the final tweaks and grading we would love to share our film so that you can enjoy the results



Technical Supervisor


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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Pritish!

    You are most welcome! Our ultimate goal with Shotgun and Toolkit is to help artists and supervisors so that they can be productive and be able to focus on making great content. Thanks for sending this feedback - it makes us really really happy! We are currently working hard to make Toolkit simpler and more powerful and hopefully for your next annual production, you'll have an even smoother workflow!

    If could share the film with us when it's finished, that would be great. We would love to see what you made!

    Thanks and all the very best,

    Manne @ the shotgun team.


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