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If I have setup a new project in toolkit on one of the mac, do I need to setup the same project on every mac machine?


Thanks in advance

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    Good question!

    When you're setting up Toolkit, the idea is to set it up in a place that all artists can access. This is usually some sort of mounted network filesystem. If you have an NFS server or other networked filesystem that is mounted on your machine (for example: at /Volumes/studio_server), then when you go through the Toolkit setup, you'll want to point to directories within that mounted filesystem so that Toolkit can install the necessary files and configuration settings for all to use. 

    As documented in the "Setting Up Your First Project" doc, there are 3 key locations on disk you should use to get started. I've given example directories here on the mounted file system, but they can be whatever matches your studio's setup:

    • The project data root /Volumes/studio_server/sgtk/projects - this is where all the production data for all projects will be stored. This includes things like maya scenes, renders, Nuke scripts, images. Before proceeding, make sure that this folder exists on disk.

    • The studio root /Volumes/studio_server/sgtk/software/shotgun/studio - this contains the installation of the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit core API.

    • Configurations inside of /Volumes/studio_server/sgtk/software/shotgun - there is one configuration folder for each project. Before proceeding, make sure that this folder exists on disk.

    These directories are just examples. You can configure things any way you wish, but when starting out, this is a good first step in understanding how Toolkit works. 

    Then once you run tank setup_project for your new Project, it should then be available to all of your users as long as they have access to the same networked filesystem. 

    There's a lot of info here and you're just getting started. So please let me know if you have more questions! 

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