References Oddness

When I load an asset into Maya if I animate a rigged model or any other asset the first time we save or publish, all the animation information is lost. Our workaround is to save immediately to a version and then animate then all is well. Has anyone else experienced the same? 

Steven Quinones-Colon


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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Steven.

    I'm so sorry for missing this message in the forums!

    Question on this, were you using our original Loader app (tk-multi-loader)?  If so, we find an issue with our hook that creates the references in Maya, as our default setup didn't have a 1:1 match with Maya's behavior in the UI (when you just do the normal, manual "Create Reference").

    We fixed this in our revamped Loader app (tk-multi-loader2):


    If you were using the older Loader app, could you try this again with the new one and see if the same thing still happens?  FWIW this is the snippet of code that we updated in the new app:



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    Steven Quinones

    The update fixed the problems, thanks.

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