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How does it work? I have a published texture through Photoshop but can't see it in the loader. Anyone?


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    Rob Blau

    Hi Steven,

    Sorry you're having trouble with this.

    It would be great to know the details of where you are working and which loader you are using (the new tk-loader2 or the old one).  Generally speaking, the new loader should show all publishes associated with the selected context... so if you pick something that definitely has a publish from Photoshop and it isn't showing up, then it sounds like something is wrong.  There are a few advanced configuration options on the new loader (the filter_publishes_hook and the publish_filters setting), but aside from those if you see a Publish in Shotgun you should see it in the loader.

    If you could let me know which loader you are using, where you are publishing from (Photoshop, from a Task environment?), and where you are trying to load the publish (In Maya?  Working in the same Task, or a different environment?) I should be able to help you get these into the loader.

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    Steven Quinones

    We're good, we figured out what was happening. Thanks.

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    robo robo robocop


    Sorry for, maybe , noob question.. but we have the same issue ..

    How we can see 2D images (photoshop files for examples) in Loader2 ?

    We just installed default SGTK.. and created some publishes of *.ma files (via shotgun menu in Maya)

    and created a few photoshop publishes via integrated SG publisher .

    So, now I want to load these psd files as textures in Maya.. but SG Loader didn't show me them..  But we can see our *.ma publishes without problem..



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