Shotgun Menu Missing from OS X Apps

I am not seeing the Shotgun menu from within our apps after launching through SGTK. I can use the api to call startEngine from within the app, after which the menu appears, but it does not appear in any newly opened sessions.





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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello there Robert!

    That's strange! Did you launch the DCC app from the Shotgun web UI or via the tank command? Normally there would be some sort of error reported, either via the script editor, error log or as a popup dialog - depending a bit on which application you are starting up!

    To further diagnose, you can turn on debug logging for the engine - let me know if you need further instructions on how to do this!


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    Robert Durnin

    Thanks Manne, and I will chase the error through the debugger. We are launching apps using a custom python wrapper, and I am guessing that the session is losing connection to the child process, somehow. The launcher works with win/lin, but OSX seems to have issues with creating python sub-processes.

    I'll post any findings.





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