Nuke - A PythonObject is not attached to a node - Shotgun Toolkit Write node

Wanting to ping the community to see if anyone has experienced the error [ A PythonObject is not attached to a node ] when opening an existing Nuke comp version that contains a Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node. 

The comp could be something as simple as a colorbars node and a Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node

Save the comp via Nuke's Shotgun pull-down menu, reopen the comp via [ Shotgun File Manager ] and without fail, we'll get the error dialog [ Failed to open file - A PythonObject is not attached to a node ]. 

The comp still opens but the [ Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node ] is corrupt and the [ Shotgun File Manager ] remains open and has to be manually closed.

Explanation of "corrupt":

After the comp has opened, I open the [ Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node ] in Nuke's Properties panel.

The [Context, Local Path, File Name] fields are empty with a yellow [Proxy Mode] "warning" above the [Context] field and a yellow [Warning] above the [render order] field.

I click on the [Reset Path] button on the [ Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node ] in Nuke's Properties panel and this "resets" the paths. Visually everything looks like it's fixed in the [ Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node ] in Nuke's Properties panel.

If I were to submit this comp via [ Nuke's Deadline Render Submit ], a warning dialog box will open with

  • [ Output path for write node 'Write1' is not padded: ]
  • [ None ]
  • [ Do you still wish to submit this job to Deadline? ] 

If I delete the existing [ Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node ] and recreate a new [ Shotgun Toolkit Nuke Write node ] via [ Nuke's Shotgun Write Node Toolbar ] selection, the [ Nuke's Deadline Render Submit ] is successful.


Additional information and things I've done to remedy this:

  1. Utilizing Python2.7
  2. Python site-packages in [ C:\Python27 ] are empty
  3. Python site-packages located on our server that are typically used, have been removed from the system and application PYTHONPATH's
  4. Shotgun Toolkit Project Config was cloned and replaced with the default Shotgun Toolkit config [with the exception of modifying certain paths for applications and the directory structure schema]
  5. Shotgun Toolkit Core API has been updated along with the Shotgun Toolkit Project Config mentioned above.
  6. All Nuke users are experiencing this issue.
  7. Created a default, clean system user account with no custom settings applied for any apps.
  8. Have had an on-going ticket opened with Shotgun to look into it [no fix yet or idea of why it's happening] and have had a local Shotgun rep out to go over this issue and others we've experienced. Again, no luck tracking the issue down.

I've also provided a screen capture of the Nuke error dialogs that are displayed when going through the processes mentioned at the head of this email. 


Thanks for any help you can offer.




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    Alan Dann

    Just to follow up on this one.

    With Dan's repro-steps (thanks Dan) I managed to isolate a couple of parts of the code where the initialisation would break under certain edge-case scenarios.

    These have now been fixed and the latest version of the tk-nuke-writenode app works for Dan.



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